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Baby Luv; what we are all about and why

Before I begin, I want to take a moment to thank you in advance for reading this. Perhaps you are reading this because you are my friend, an acquaintance, someone with interest in my site, products & viewpoint.. or maybe because I begged you to read it and give me feedback, which is most likely the case ;). Regardless of how you found me and came to read my blog post, I would like to sincerely thank you, as I am truly appreciative of your support and general curiosity in my company!

Opening myself up so honestly and publicly has always been a challenge, as a parent, I tend to go through my every day with a face of composure, that I have everything under control and that I know what I’m doing. However, more often than not, and especially after having my son, deep down inside I have a fear of not knowing what I am doing and continuously wondering if I am messing up, making mistakes or not raising our son as best as possible.

The truth is, I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, but regardless of the mistakes I make, I am the perfect parent for my child. As are each and every parent out there. When things are challenging, those are your challenges and are meant for you to overcome. It’s easier said than done. In times of chaos and stress, it can be hard to make good decisions. So try your best and give yourself a break, after all, we are all human and as much as our children have limits and stressors, we do as well.

In these moments of chaos, I personally find taking a moment, to breathe and step back allows me to see what’s really going on. Is my Baby Luv tired, hungry, sad, angry, frustrated, etc? What caused this reaction and how can I help my Baby Luv through this stressful time. Easier said than done I know, but it honestly comes down to those factors.

My focus as a mother has been to make sure my Baby Luv is happy and healthy. Whatever I can do to help that situation, I will. On this journey of mine, I have come across some products I cannot do without. These products have helped make my every day just a bit easier, and that is why I started this company. To not only write about my experiences, successes, and failures, but to share the knowledge I’ve acquired with other parents. To have a place where all of the products that I truly find helpful are displayed, shared and made available for others to easily find and purchase.

As I personally am always conscious not to waste time or money on gimmicks or useless items that do not help me on my journey, ensuring my Baby Luv is happy and healthy, I felt the need to launch this website, catering to just that!

So that is a bit about me and why I started this company. I hope you too enjoy many of the products I have come to love as a parent.