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High Chair... High Value?

High Chair

When preparing for the arrival of a baby it’s tough to know what is absolutely necessary and what you can do without. A high chair is absolutely necessary!

That being said, it doesn’t have to be a huge contraption or piece of furniture taking up room in your kitchen, living or dining room. It can be simple, small, compact and even fold up easily to take with you or put away when not using it and don’t want the added clutter.

The archaic high chair by definition is large and bulky and in my opinion, not needed, especially when there are so many more practical options available in the market to choose from.

The one that we found and love, is a comfortable chair with removable padding along with the option of reclining and detachable tray and tray insert. It has rubber grips on the bottom, so we put it straight on the table and it stays in place without moving. I personally liked all of those features because I wasn’t putting my little Luv in the chair for feedings alone. The chair served a greater purpose. When my Baby-Luv learned how to sit up on his own, my tabletop high chair became both of our best friends. It was truly a lifesaver.

I would put my Baby-Luv in the chair with some teethers, books and/or toys to play with and put him right on the counter. Then, using the same counter, I could do anything I wanted or needed while remaining right next to my Baby-Luv. We were playing and interacting yet I was independent and hands-free at the same time. I would prepare some purées and baby food, do some baking, make a pizza from scratch or a meal for dinner. It was such a wonderful chair because I knew he was safe and comfortable at all times as I was looking at him the whole time, he was inches from me. I could even have one hand on him at all times. There was no need for me to turn around or manoeuver around the counter to get to a big bulky high chair. It was so easy and convenient. We would have so much fun, giggling and interacting while still being able to get some actual chores done and feel independent. It was wonderful!

For me, I preferred having my Baby-Luv right there on the counter, I never had to turn my head, never had to rush towards him for any reason, as I was with him the whole time. 

Anytime we travel, whether it be to the neighbours or out of the city, province, state, country, etc., we take the chair with us. It's small enough that we often don't even fold it when packing, but instead, just put it in the car as is.

Having a “high chair” by definition was not for us, but having a small, portable, reclining, play and feeding chair that could be tabletop or attached to any chair, just made my everyday life with my Baby-Luv that much easier.

So make sure to look around and find something that works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t feel obliged to buy the big, bulky and expensive item, just because that’s the norm. You are not normal, you are unique as is your Baby-Luv. You both have your own needs, so be sure to find something that meets all your expectations!