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Stretch Marks... Help!

Stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines and scars, all things we mothers wear as a badge of honour from carrying our Baby-Luv for 9 months, finishing with giving birth. Even for those mothers who haven't carried their child or given birth, we all share the same stress and worry of taking care of our little Luvs along with years of sleepless nights. All of this leads to some less desirable side effects. 

In my case, I started to notice a lot more fine lines around my eyes and the stretch marks on my stomach started to darken and were not going away. The thing I found best helped me to reduce my wrinkles & stretch marks was 100% Organic Rosehip Oil. This essential oil can also help to reduce the appearance & help heal damaged skin tissue, such as scars. It’s an affordable & safe way to take care of mommy, and give her back some well-earned confidence!

It was so simple, I would just rub a few drops on the areas I wanted to treat, a few times a day if possible, and started to see a difference. Soon I was not shy to apply it all over my face as it really helped with my rosacea. Now I continue to use it on my face, neck, chest, stretch marks on my stomach and thighs, as well as an old scar on my arm. So far it's been the only thing that I found to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. Not even my expensive $125 cream did what my Rosehip Oil has done. I only wish I knew about it sooner, I would have started using it right when my little Luv was born.

Now, fair warning, nothing will ever remove stretch marks completely, there is no magic potion or cream to turn your skin back to what it was before pregnancy, but, reducing their appearance has been such a confidence boost for me personally.

As a new mom, I was trying to take better care of my health. If I was healthy, I could better take care of my Baby Luv. So I made decisions to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, workout - even if just for 15 minutes a day while my Baby Luv was napping. This led me to actively seek out alternatives to chemicals I put on my body. As an animal lover, I first searched for vegan & cruelty-free beauty regimes. I swapped out my entire personal care and beauty product assortment. From soaps, deodorants, shampoos & conditioners, face & body creams to specialty creams and oils to help with some of my problem areas; stretch marks, scars, dry patches, and rosacea.

It became my new obsession. I was not only helping myself in a more natural way but looking better, gaining confidence and feeling better about my impact on the environment and the beauty industry itself. My purchases were a vote in support of environmentally friendly, chemical-free, cruelty-free, vegan, natural products. 


My love affair with pure ingredients began with Rosehip oil. This turned me on to essential oils. I even started to make my own products out of food and natural 100% pure ingredients. Looking at the ingredients of some expensive creams and lotions, noticing the active ingredients were small amounts of Rosehip oil or Aloe Vera as an example, I figured, why not skip all the additives and go straight to the source, the pure oils and ingredients. The difference they made was just amazing.

My go to’s were Rosehip Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I knew there were other oils which were known to improve the appearance of stretch marks and help heal the skin, such as Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, and Patchouli Oil; however, I have not yet had a need to try those. I am more than happy with the results from the Rosehip Oil which I now not only use on my stretch marks but on my face and body to help with any tired-looking skin in need of nutrients. I found the Rosehip oil has been a great help in the reduction of my “crows feet” - those fun little smile lines and wrinkles around my eyes.

After researching the benefits of non-abrasive scrubs I started making my own sugar scrubs with vitamin E. The most basic one was made with coconut oil, vitamin E, lemon juice & zest along with of course some granulated sugar. I found the sugar scrubs to be an excellent exfoliant and moisturizer without being harsh on my skin. Refreshing and nourishing, my homemade sugar scrubs were an all-natural alternative to the traditional face and body scrub, not to mention they smell and taste great!

My transition to healthier skin was an informative and lengthy process. I finally became aware of what I was putting on my skin and took great care in making sure I wasn’t falling for the hype or being sucked in by the marketing of the beauty industry. 

So I encourage you all to do your homework, research what you’re passionate about, whether it be all-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan or all of the above, and you will be sure to find some solutions that are right for you! I did and I couldn’t be happier with the results!