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You're Pregnant, Now Pay Up!

So you’re expecting, that’s wonderful. The next chapter in your life. Everything will change for the better… except for your bank account!

Why these tiny little humans are so very expensive is mind-boggling. There are so many gimmicks out there, marketed to the hormonal pregnant woman as well as excited & inexperienced parents to be. How are you to know what you do and don’t need? Everything these adds are selling sounds amazing & like something you absolutely need. So how do you sift through the junk & buy what you need for your lifestyle?

This is where I’m hoping to help. I myself have totally gotten sucked in and spent when I didn't need to.

We pride ourselves on only filling our home with the necessities when it comes to furniture & decor. That being said I also have tones of clothes, bins & closets (4 to be exact) filled with shoes, as well as scented candles in every room with back-ups galore. So the tendency to get sucked in and carried away is totally in me. 

The few months before our Baby Luv was born, I found myself triple-checking lists to ensure we had everything we needed. If it wasn’t for my common sense and non-hormonal husband, I would have totally gotten suckered into buying more of these products that I really didn’t need. 

That being said, I did make a few unnecessary purchases. One day my husband came home from work to me explaining how much of a good parent I’m going to be as I am a step ahead of all these other parents and bought our soon to be son a baby hammock. Yes, you read that correctly, a hammock to put your baby in. As I explained this to my husband, I started to hear myself. “You hang it over his bed by a few inches and then put him in it as it will simulate the womb. That way he will be more comfortable transitioning to the outside world as a newborn.”

My husband looked at me sideways “So, let me see if I understand this. He has a crib, a mattress, sheets, pillows, and blankets, like every other child in existence who has survived this transition no problem, but you thought it was necessary for him to hang from a suspended mesh just above his bed, for $60 USD + $26 USD shipping. ” 

“Yes,” I shouted, “it's super important”. He could not stop laughing, but he then supportively said, “baby, if you want it for our son and it will make you happy, then I will happily put it up when it arrives.”

Once our son was born, we spent an afternoon giggling as we tried to suspend this mesh hammock above his bed and cringed while he cried as we tried to put him in this mess of a human cocoon. Laughing, we lied him down in his crib as we started to take this ridiculous hammock down, within seconds he stopped crying and got comfy all rolled up in his blankets. The hammock just didn't work for me. That's not to say it may not be right for your baby or lifestyle, it just wasn't right for us. The concept itself makes sense, that's why I bought it in the first place.

All that to say, our world is filled with unnecessary clutter. As such, I’m hoping to be your source to sort through the junk & find items that are truly helpful to you & your lifestyle, or at least some items that I myself found helpful.

Babies are expensive, spend on items you need, not on gimmicks you don’t.

To close this off, one last thought, an item that drives me crazy - changing tables! Don’t waste valuable bedroom space & money on a piece of furniture, just get yourself the pad for $25-$40 depending on style and design, and put it on a dresser in the nursery. The pads all come with adjustable straps to attach to dressers to stay in place. They end up saving you space and money, two things any new parent values, right alongside sleep!

Moral of the story, don’t spend if you don’t need to, you’ll thank me later.

Happy shopping!