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Sheep Teething Blanket
Sheep Teething Blanket
Sheep Teething Blanket
Sheep Teething Blanket
Sheep Teething Blanket
Sheep Teething Blanket

Sheep Teething Blanket

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  • Cute Sheep Teething Teddy
  • Soft Plush Fabric
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • 3 Knotted Corners
  • 1 Teething Loop
  • Moldable for Teething
  • Machine Washable
  • Size: 32cm x 32cm

Angela's Rating:
  ***** (5 Stars)

Simple, small, soft, and durable are how I would describe this teething teddy. I love the adorable lamb design with 3 knotted corners as well as the option of 1 textured teething loop.

Our Baby Luv loves chewing on the knots. The fabric molds to our Baby Luv's mouth and offers so much relief when teething. 

I love its small compact size, 32cm x 32cm. It literally fits anywhere and especially in my coat or sweater pocket when we're out. It's just super convenient and comforting, making it a necessity in our home.


Teething is a difficult time for baby & parents.

Finding that perfect teether to alleviate some of the pain & aggravation your Baby Luv is suffering, is so very important. We found teething blankets to be a great option. 

No need to be concerned with choking as teething blankets are too big to be swallowed and offer a great solution at nighttime when your Baby Luv is trying to sleep. Safety always being a concern, a teething blanket offers a safer option to infants at bedtime.

Acting as a comforting stuffed animal or teddy bear, your Baby Luv will find great comfort and relief with this teething blanket.