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The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses
The Lindsay Glasses

The Lindsay Glasses

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  • Unisex
  • Universal fit
  • Circular design
  • Ultra-lightweight resin frame
  • Small metal decal on the front & side arms
  • High-quality polycarbonate lens 
  • Blue light blocking
  • Screen protection
  • UV400 protection
  • Radiation protection


  • Lens width - 4.8cm
  • Lens & frame width - 5.8cm
  • Frame width of both lenses - 12.7cm
  • Lens & frame width to arms - 14.8cm
  • Lens height - 4.4cm
  • Lens & frame height - 4.9cm


We live in a world full of technology and as a result, the majority of us spend our days staring at screens. Whether it be a computer screen for school or work, phone or tablet during downtime and breaks, or even while commuting; our eyes stare at damaging blue light for far too many hours a day. 

Help protect your eye health by wearing a pair of the Lindsay Glasses: Universal Unisex Anti Blue Light Glasses. These specialty glasses made from Ultra Lightweight Resin in a universally pleasing shape; wide, rounded lense and squared-off frame. With a small metal decal on the outer front of the frames and along the side arms, these glasses were not only designed with style in mind but function as well, to block out damaging blue light and help protect our eyes while on any computer, tablet or phone. 

With many styles and colors to choose from, Anti Blue Light Glasses make a great accessory for all. Add to your own personal style & focus on your health at the same time.

Being a parent means being responsible for the health and well being of another. This can be a challenge if you yourself are not healthy or struggling to get through the day with headaches, dizziness, or even lack of sleep. In order to parent, you must take care of yourself. This is a simple solution to ensure your eyes remain healthy.

If you suffer from headaches or inability to sleep, it could be in large part t the amount of stimulation by Blue Light from your device. 

Eye health is so very important, do not take it for granted. Put your health first with this quick and simple solution. 

What are your eyes worth to you?

My Experience:

I like these glasses. The frame fits my face well, they are snug and do not fall down or slip off my nose when looking down or moving. They are not oversized glasses, but the frame design with the almost cat-eye effect, makes the shape look and feel larger than they are.

They stay put and I really do not feel them. They are so lightweight that I often forget I am wearing glasses... which is the point!

*Glasses case NOT included